Elizabeth 167G


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    Elizabeth 167G


    Product Information

    • Luxury Sex Doll moulded from medical grade TPE. 
    • An internal metal skeleton with movable joints allows the doll to assume various postures.
    • Textured vagina, anus and mouth for vaginal, anal & oral sex.
    • Clothing: A random selection of clothing will be included with your doll.
    • Accessories: Suspension hook (for doll storage), virginal irrigator (for cleaning) & handling gloves.
    • Each Love Doll is fully customizable. 


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    Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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    • Breasts are manufactured either solid, hollow (with air inside) or with gel implants. Hollow breasts offer a slightly softer feel with less weight, while solid breasts feel firmer and heavier. The gel implanted breasts are a mix of both solid and hollow, offering the most realistic feel overall. *By default, a solid breast type is selected.
    • For those who prefer a better user experience - a “fixed vagina” type will usually feel better. However, for ease of cleaning (hygiene) and maintenance – a “removable vagina” type is better and comes with one insertable vagina as standard. By default, “Fixed Vagina” is selected.
    • The standing feet option has metal bolts attached to the bottom. This acts as a supporting structure when the doll stands upright. Without the standing feet option there is a greater chance of TPE damage around the bottom of the feet, as the doll has to withstand her own weight in an upright position.
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    Shipping Info

    All our dolls are custom-built to order.

    Manufacturing time is roughly 10-15 days & shipping time is an additional 15-20 days. In most cases dolls should arrive at your doorstep between 25-35 days.  

    In the event of shipping or customs delays we will do our best to speed up the process and keep you informed along the way.

    We offer 100% discreet shipping services. 

    Dolls will be delivered directly to your specified address in a blank, unlabeled box, leaving no trace of the contents inside.