What is a Love doll?

Love dolls are lifelike, full-body, anatomically correct dolls that can be used for companionship and intercourse.

Our dolls are moulded from medical grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and animated by a internal metal skeleton, each girl is sculpted with precision to appear as lifelike as possible. Her skin is soft to the touch, her breasts firm but jiggly & her love holes anatomically accurate. 

What is TPE?

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a mix of plastic and rubber.  The material feels similar to silicone but has different properties.  
TPE is soft and elastic providing a very life-like touch and sensations. Breasts and buttocks will wobble with movement making them appear realistic.
TPE is has improved elasticity compared to silicone which enhances flexability.  This allows our love dolls to handle a broad variety of sex positions. 

Is TPE safe?

Our products are made with medical grade TPE material, which pose no health hazards whatsoever. When ensuring that you clean her well, she’ll be safer than any other partner you’ve had!

Is any Assembly required?

Minor assembly is required.  Our dolls are built with a detachable head.  Upon arrival you will simply need to screw in the head and attach the wig.  Line up the head over the neck then turn the head clock-wise until it is fastened.

See video below.

What is Standing Feet?

The standing feet option has metal bolts attached to the bottom.  This acts as a supporting structure when the doll stands upright.   Without the standing feet option there is a greater chance of TPE damage around the bottom of the feet, as the doll has to withstand her own weight in an upright position. 
We recommend choosing the standing feet option.  Even if you do not plan on having your doll stand upright as her feet might touch the ground during normal handling.
Important: Don’t have your doll stand upright without any support.  Chances are she’ll fall over and get damaged.  Make sure to lean the doll against a supporing structure such as a wall or counter.

What is the Insertable Vagina?

The fixed vagina is non-removable as the internal structure is created as part of the doll during manufacturing.  
The insertable vagina is a TPE tube which can be inserted and removed. 
Both options have a textured real-feel interior design. Aesthetically there is little to no difference in the way each compares when the removable vagina is in place. 
We highly recommend selecting the insert option.  It is easier to clean and thus more hygenic. 

The following video shows how to install the insertable vagina.