After-Use Clean

We advise cleaning the outside of your doll regularly by using a damp cloth with a small amount of soap. Gently wipe down the mouth, vagina and anus area. For a more thorough clean, we recommend using a bottle cleaner/brush as this will help get rid of any leftover residue.
Her love holes should be cleaned directly after each use. To clean the inside of the mouth, vagina and anus we recommend using a vaginal irrigator or an enema bulb. Fill the irrigator with lukewarm water and spray into the doll’s love holes.  Keep the doll in a position where the water can easily drain out. Spending some time looking after your doll’s hygiene will prevent mould and bacterial growth. 

Full-Body Clean

We suggest that you treat your doll to a thorough spa session at least once a month! To do this, follow these simple steps: 
  • Get her naked and into the bath or shower. 
  • Unscrew and remove the head. You can clean the head separately by wiping it down with a damp cloth. 
  • Cover the neck area of the doll with plastic/ziplock bag.  This will prevent water coming into contact with the internal skeleton of your doll. 
  • Now you can go ahead and wash down the doll’s body. When you are done, pat her down with a dry towel. Do not use any type of heating to dry her, as this may cause damage to skin.
  • Gently brush her down with baby powder. This will help maintain the delicate, soft skin texture.  Wash her hair separately with wig shampoo and conditioner. Don’t use a hairdryer and allow her hair to dry naturally in order to prevent damage. 
  • When storing your doll always ensure that she lays flat on her back with her arms to her sides.  Prolonged extension of her limbs in outstretched positions may cause her skin to tear. 

Doll Storage

The most popular and best way to put your doll to sleep is in a vertical suspension position.  Your doll comes with a hanging kit, which you can use to hang her in a cupboard. If you don’t have cupboard space or vertical storage is not an option you can either store the doll in a seated position or laying down using one of our storage cases. 
When storing your doll we recommend removing all clothing or accessories. The brushing of certain fabrics on her TPE skin might cause stains over time.  
Also be sure to keep your doll out of direct sunlight.